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Over a million people are expected to travel to Washington DC for the Presidental Inauguration of Barack Obama on January 20, 2009. Hotels are already booked and visitors need places to stay.

Inauguration Homes, LLC is a Washington D.C. based company, led by two Capitol Hill home owners with the mission to help other DC area home owners rent their properties during this Historic Event.

Inauguration Homes, LLC acts as the marketing and information liaison between the home owners and the thousands of people looking for a home to rent.

"We", the people behind Inauguraion Homes, LLC, not only believe in the mission, but we have used this site to rent our own properties over the Inauguration Week. In a sense, we're "eating our own dog food", and proud of it!

How It Works:

Washington DC home owners can list their homes for FREE on this website. Simply fill out the form, and once approved, it will be posted and available to rent.

Prospective renters, whether they are looking for a single bedroom or entire house during the Inauguration Week can easily browse the listings and make a reservation online. Inauguration Homes, LLC accepts payment for the reservation, in which a deposit is passed onward to the Home Owner to secure the reservation on behalf of the renter. The Home Owner is paid in full by Inauguration Homes, LLC at the conclusion of the Renter's stay.

To insure the closest possible homes, we only list properties in Washington DC, and provide proximities to Metro Subway stations. We also verify the legitimacy and accuracy of each listing, so that Renters can have confidence in all of our properties.

For more information, please review the additional Terms and Conditions of using this service.


"What an amazing idea!"
      - Courtney, Alexandria

"Thanks for listing my home, it was very quick and easy."
      - Julie, Arlington

"I've been looking for something like this!"
      - Adam, Washington DC